Expedition towards the pole of cold

What is it absolute frost? And how to live in such conditions? Everybody understand it, if will visit the Pole of cold. Once in life you should do it! Tour on Oimakon - it is uniquely suggestion for people who like to test itself. Few days you will be a participant of etno-expedition. To the Pole of Cold hundreds of years people live with limits to us outlook and conditions unacceptable to us ... Those a few people who go to Yakutia become discoverers of living edens and uniquely culture of the northern nations.
Yakutia is so various and beautiful that everybody can find new experiences. To see own eyes the days of northern people who fighting for life in the north, to know their traditions and mystical cults. You dip to world where the cold make people to stay close to each other. In this extreme conditions comes appreciation of life and the happiness of simple human values! We suggest you tour to Oimyakon! Impressions will be so high pointing that you don't forget it many, many years!!! 
1 DAY Arrival in Moscow. Observe excursion across Moscow (Red Square,Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts,Kremlin, Triumphal arch Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Novodevichy Convent, New Arbat, Manege Square, Theatre square, Tverskaya Street). Don't forget to visit a shop with winter clothes. 
Tomorrow in Yakytsk can be about -50С!
In the evening departure to Yakutsk.
2 DAY Arrival to Yakutsk. Transfer in the hotel "Lena" and accomodation in double rooms. Observe excursion across the city. Visiting Mammoth Museum and "Archeologic and ethnographic museum".
Dinner in the restaurant "Tigin-Dirhan". Smell the yakutsks' kitchen. Slices of frozen fish or meat served cold, meet of deer. 
Making the acquaintance of Yakut husky, dog sledding on the lake Ytyk-Kyuel.
Visiting of cave "Kingdom of frozen ground". Since soviet times there were store houses which permited to save products in cold every time. Because the air temperature of glacier is -10C. The first part of the cave entertain by throne room of the ruler of the cold Chishaan. The next room is ceremonial room. It is made specially for blessing ceremonies and purification, in the Yakut mythology swans symbolize purity and fidelity - in European culture. In the next room sits host of the North - a man made of ice blocks.According to one of the many legends, he creates out of permafrost a substantial being and breathes life into them.In one of the ice room is a mini-museum of paleontology. At the end of the excursion archivist sitting in the next room - ice office, writes a personal certificate to guests that they visit the "Kingdom of frozen ground." 
Drinking alcohol in the ice bar in ice shots.
1  2
3 DAY Driving by 4WD minibuses YAZ on the catch river Lena and than shutof in the museum Cherkeh.
Сherkehs' museum complex builted in the bank of river Tatta. It is a cultural monument erected by people. There are exhibits of memorial houses and urti of penals. Ionovs' School, Pekarskyis' urts, Korolenkos' hause, Alimovs' house-school contain a lot of information about penals.
Unforgettable impression feel like christien churches by temperature -40С. Overnight accommodation in Handiga. Distance from Yakutsk to Handiga is 420 km.
4 DAY From Khandyga to Tomtor is 617 km. The road runs through the Verkhoyansk mountain ranges. "The road on the bones" - is a unique road builted by GULAG prisoners during the Stalin era. This road is full of history about the tragic fate of many people. Carved out of the mountain bridges, crossings, barracks, and other remains of the structures of the concentration camps. Gorgeous scenery, great snow-capped mountains, frozen rivers, vast pastures for reindeer. 
5  6
Accomodation in a private hotel.
5 DAY Excursion in a museum in Tomtor. Driving to Oimyakon to stella "The Pole of Cold".
7  8
At the time of the second wild war American airplans flow across the Tamtor. Handing of "Certificate for summiting of the Pole of Cold". Departure to Yakutsk.Stopping. 
Knowing with every day life norten people. Transfer to Handiga.
6 DAY Earning transfer to Yakutsk. Purchase of souvenirs.The last supper in the restaurant.
7 DAY Transfer to aiport. Departure to Moscow.
Package rate
3 people - 1214 €
4 people - 1135 €
5 people - 993 €
In the service the following is included:
Meeting and accompanying service at departure
All transfer on the road(specially prepared cars for driving in the conditions of very load temperatures)
Meals on the trip.
Staying at the hotel
Guidance and interpreter service
Entrance to the museums
Registration fee (the certificate proving the visit to the pole of cold).
Alcohol and soft drinks are not included in the service.

Отзывы о нас на Флампе

Вести с гор

Ездили с 18.11 по 22.11, все дни шел снег, первые дни в лес не совались, т.к. даже на склоне были кусты и камни. Но потом  заехали в лес  и не пожалели, пухляк бомбический очень мягкий и легкий. Все силы оставил в Шерегеше, кое- как дорулил до дома. 

Александр 23.11.17 

 Сегодня были на Ине , брали оборудование в СибАльп. Все прошло просто отлично. Снег уже лежит подъемник работает. Народ во всю катает. 



Экспедиция на Белуху

 balet 290

Комментарий одной из участниц: 
Я очень благодарна Господу и вам Сергей Николаевич , что именно к вам, мы попали. Такая сплочённость, ответственность , всегда вместе держались друг за друга, именно это , я хотела детям дать, показать,ощутить, и именно русские ребята могли это дать. Мы очень счастливы , это просто не забываемые ощущения общения. Большое спасибо ребятам. Я каждый день думаю и молюсь за вас всех. Дети просто в восторге , они делятся впечатлениями, передают большой привет и благодарность.