Day        Activities

Day 1     Meeting at the airport. Moving to the Kamlak village in foothills of Altai. Arrival to Gorno-Altaisk. Registration in the Visa and Registration Department. Accommodation on the bank of the beautiful mountain river Sema.

Day 2     Relocation in the Uimonskaya steppe along the mountain road crossing some passes. Campsite on the bank of the Katun river.


Day 3     Rafting on the Katun river before merging with the Multa river. Rafting is not dangerous in this place, but very beautiful and interesting. Stop for a quick meal on the river bank. Campsite in the mouth of the river Multa. Visiting the church of Old Believers and a very beautiful and interesting house of Old Believer Ludmila.


Day 4     rafting on higher and faster current. Campsite on the river bank. Saying good bye to rafters. Climbing on a panoramic point to the sign "World Banner". Beautiful view from the highest point of the Altai Mountains - Belukha. 4506 m above sea level.


Day 5     Trekking along the Katun River, descents and liftings, the road is suitable only for pack horses. The rapids «Ak-kemenskiy  breakthrough», series of terrible rapids of the highest category of



Day 6     Trekking over the break on the road punched in rocks. At last, mountains disappear, and we see the river Argut falling into the Katun on the opposite side.


Day 7     Going on trekking through the village Inegen. Museum visit "A snow leopard". Cutting through in a steep wall we go to the merge of the Chuya and the Katun rivers - to the bridge across the Katun.

Day 8     Relocation to the campsite Ak-Telengit. On the way visiting carvings of the ancient people. Supper in cafe of national cuisine. Rest in campsite: Russian banya, walking on the panoramic top to see the Severochuychky range of mountains.

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Day 9     Going up in a mountaineering campsite Ak- Tru. Trekking about 4 hours and we will be in the most beautiful gorge which has been rendered habitable by climbers long ago. Accommodation in mountain lodges.


Day 10  This day we are going to walk during some hours to the Blue lake, on a track up we rise through "mutton foreheads" above a glacier of Big Ak-Tru. We come back to the lodges, in the evening we go to Russian banya.

Day 11  The most difficult day of our travel. Ascension on the top of the Dome (3556 m). Climbing takes 5-7 hours - descent 2-3. Remarkable view from top.

Day 12  For those who will have forces to continue, there will be an option to climb to the pass the Teacher (3000 m). Along a mountain track going up on the pass for some hours. Amazing view of the Chuysky steppe and Kuray Range.


Day 13  We leave the gorge Ak-tru and go down to the Chuysky steppe in Aak-Telengit. As always the hot Russian banya will wait for you.


Day 14  Going closer to the border in the high-mountainous steppe Saylyugemsky under the top Tobozhok.

Day 15  Walking to the lakes in steppe. But it is necessary to gain strength before the storm of top Tobozhok.


Day 16  Climbing on the top Tobozhok. Along a goat track, and even without a track. From top there is a view of three valleys Kosh-Agachsky Saylyugemsky and in Chulushman's valley. At good visibility Mungun-tayga - a huge snow and ice cap in Tuva can be considered .


Day 17  Farewell with high mountains. Return in Kamlak and practically all mountains stay behind us. Ak-tru and Mashey Kupol and Kyzyl-Tash.


Day 18  In Kamlak as always Sema murmurs and Russian banya is ready.

Day 19  Arrival to Gorno-Altaisk in museum of local lore. Further Biisk - the old merchant city, small excursion. By evening sleeper train we come back to Novosibirsk.

Day 20  In Novosibirsk we accommodate in hotel in the morning. After rest you will have a sightseeing tour. In the evening a farewell dinner at the Russian cuisine restaurant.

Day 21  Transfer in the airport. Flying away home.


Отзывы о нас на Флампе


Вести с гор

Ездили с 18.11 по 22.11, все дни шел снег, первые дни в лес не совались, т.к. даже на склоне были кусты и камни. Но потом  заехали в лес  и не пожалели, пухляк бомбический очень мягкий и легкий. Все силы оставил в Шерегеше, кое- как дорулил до дома. 

Александр 23.11.17 

 Сегодня были на Ине , брали оборудование в СибАльп. Все прошло просто отлично. Снег уже лежит подъемник работает. Народ во всю катает. 



Экспедиция на Белуху

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Комментарий одной из участниц: 
Я очень благодарна Господу и вам Сергей Николаевич , что именно к вам, мы попали. Такая сплочённость, ответственность , всегда вместе держались друг за друга, именно это , я хотела детям дать, показать,ощутить, и именно русские ребята могли это дать. Мы очень счастливы , это просто не забываемые ощущения общения. Большое спасибо ребятам. Я каждый день думаю и молюсь за вас всех. Дети просто в восторге , они делятся впечатлениями, передают большой привет и благодарность.