Journey to the most difficult access corner of Tuva - to Lake Tere-Hole Lake and the ancient fortress of Por-Bajin.
     Tuva Republic - harsh land with stunning national colors, fascinating at first sight. In one day, out of the car window, you can see almost all the natural areas - from snowy peaks with ancient glaciers, to the most northerly sandy deserts in the world. Lake Tere-Hole is located almost on the border with Mongolia, in the mountains at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. The only freshwater lake in the Uvs Nuur Basin. In the middle of the lake on the island preserved ruins of an ancient fortress. Fortress Por-Bajin (in Tuvinian - "mud house") on Lake Tere-Hole was built in the middle of the VIII century. Ancient builders had to bring here thousands of tons of mud and baked bricks. The monument has a complex architecture - inside the right rectangle is a maze of buildings that resemble a Buddhist or Hindu mandala. In one version of the temple complex was behind adobe walls. Other researchers hold the view that in this place there were military barracks and a fortress that was built to protect the borders on the orders of the ruler “Баян Чор”. There is also an opinion that the building was the summer place of “Баян Чор”. However, during the excavations it became known not only to the time of appearance of construction.  Archaeologists have discovered that the building was never used. “It was found no fireplace or other devices for heating, without which impossible survive in the 40-degree cold winte”, so researchers have speculated that after the death of “Баян Чор”, his wife decided to erect a memorial in medieval Chinese tradition because she was the Chinese princess.  Nevertheless, the tomb of “Баян Чор” was not found during the excavations. There are still a lot of versions, and this amazing place surrounded by a veil of secrecy. There is no way to confirm or deny any of the versions.  You have the opportunity to see the extraordinary beauty of the wildlife, fascinating lake, sand dunes and place of excavation. 
1 DayArrival in Krasnoyarsk, city tour, hotel accommodation.
2 DayBreakfast. Start out for Abakan. Visiting Salbyk mound in the Valley of the Kings. (A huge mound, the stone wall length of 71 m. The earthen berm height of 21 m. Are totally 56 mounds in this valley.) Arrival in Abakan, accommodation in the hotel. Dinner. 
3 DayBreakfast. Start out for Kyzyl. Itinerate the old Siberian town of Minusinsk. Crossing the mountain range Ergagi. Drive through past the ancient Scythian burial mounds in the village of Arzhan in the Turano-Uyukskaya basin. Arrival in Kyzyl, accommodation in the hotel. Dinner.  
4 DayBreakfast. Excursion to the obelisk "Center of Asia" and to the republican museum of Tuva. Those interested can communicate with shamans. Moving to Edzin. Overnight in tents or yurts. Dinner (ethnic cuisine). 
5 DayBreakfast. Travel arrangements. Moving to lake Tere-Hole, setting up a camp. Dinner.  
6 DayBreakfast. Tour to the island, visiting “Clay Fortress” (On the Internet and in the literature there are many theories about its origin and destination, reading the theories in advance, you will be able to compare them on the spot). A return to “Café” by the side of the road, spending the night in a tent camp. Dinner 
7 DayBreakfast, travel arrangements, moving to Kyzyl. On return, excursion to the "places of power", that are worshiped by the locals. Hotel accommodation. Dinner.  
8 DayBreakfast, travel arrangements. Walk through the city with the study of the local mentality, traditions, customs, and architecture. Moving to Abakan. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. 
9 DayArrival in Krasnoyarsk, sightseeing, walking around the city (Krasnoyarsk is called the "City of Fountains" them more than 150). In the evening flight to Moscow (or in other directions) 
Tour cost: 
3 persons - 1495 €
4-5 persons - 1222 € 
6-7 persons - 999 € 
8-9 persons - 895 € 
The tour price includes: 
Meeting at the airport or railway station.
All transportation within the itinerary
Hotel accommodation (Krasnoyarsk, Abakan, Kyzyl)
Accommodation at the camp on Lake Tere-Hole and Edzin.
Meals for foreigners complete.
Also for foreign tourists, interpreter services are included in the tour price.
Meals for Russians full 4-6 day, other days on their own pay in restaurants and canteens, during special stops.

Отзывы о нас на Флампе


Вести с гор

Ездили с 18.11 по 22.11, все дни шел снег, первые дни в лес не совались, т.к. даже на склоне были кусты и камни. Но потом  заехали в лес  и не пожалели, пухляк бомбический очень мягкий и легкий. Все силы оставил в Шерегеше, кое- как дорулил до дома. 

Александр 23.11.17 

 Сегодня были на Ине , брали оборудование в СибАльп. Все прошло просто отлично. Снег уже лежит подъемник работает. Народ во всю катает. 



Экспедиция на Белуху

 balet 290

Комментарий одной из участниц: 
Я очень благодарна Господу и вам Сергей Николаевич , что именно к вам, мы попали. Такая сплочённость, ответственность , всегда вместе держались друг за друга, именно это , я хотела детям дать, показать,ощутить, и именно русские ребята могли это дать. Мы очень счастливы , это просто не забываемые ощущения общения. Большое спасибо ребятам. Я каждый день думаю и молюсь за вас всех. Дети просто в восторге , они делятся впечатлениями, передают большой привет и благодарность.